One Piece Vs Naruto

 One Piece Vs Naruto  One Piece Vs Naruto
  • One Piece Vs Naruto
  • One Piece Vs Naruto

    Fighting game

    Game type : Flash game

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One Piece vs Naruto is a fighting flash game staging Luffy, Naruto and their friends. Choose a One Piece or a Naruto character with A and D keys, and confirm with J key. During the fight, use A, D and K keys to move and jump, and UIOJKL to attack. Combos : SJ, WJ, SU, WU, and WI. If you play with a friend, he uses arrow keys to move, and numerical keys to fight : 1 (confirm and attack), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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