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Being an actor means that you play a part, a character in a movie or a play. It is not just about learning a text by heart and saying it out loud.

An actor must embody a character and put himself in his shoes. Acting consists in conveying the character's feelings to the audience.

The very first actor was Thepsis, a greek man. He told his stories through poems, each of them being in the third person.

Until the 17th century, women were not allowed to play, female characters were played by men. Nevertheless, let's not forget that some women have played great male characters.

Nowadays, actors are highly appreciated, especially movie stars. They are sometimes considered heroes. The actors' world fascinates many people because of its glamourous aspect.
This explains why actors are often chased by paparazzis who want to collect as much information as they can, because they know this is what fans are waiting for.


Each year, the best actors are rewarded during specific ceremonies. They can receive an Oscar (in the United-States), a Cesar (in France), or a Golden Palm at the Cannes Festival. For an actor, being rewarded with an award is the greatest achievement.

Audrey Hepburn is the one that has received the highest number of Oscars for the best actress award.

As well, there are some rankings for the sexiest actors of the year. Brad Pitt, Georges Clooney or Johnny Depp often end in the first place.

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