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ADSL is a popular term used to define an Internet high-flow connection. The high-flow comes in opposition with the low-flow : it was when the subscriber was connected via an analogical modem with a speed of 56 kbits/second. ADSL means literally ?Asymmetric DIGITAL Subscriber Line?, in contradiction to the analogical modems line, ADSL is independent of the telephone ( it is now possible to call a friend while you\'re surfing on the Internet).
This technology arrived in France with the operator: France Telecom in 1999. The maximum level of the band,necessary for the file emission and reception,is determined by your operator\'s line. The ADSL performance level is progressing and soon it will reach the maximum limit, this is the reason why the FAI (suppliers for the Internet\'s access) are working on a new technology with ?fibreoptic? which offers a better flow.

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The connection\' s quality made possible to update the Internet. Now we can upload more element on a page because the page appears more quickly. You get the impression that all the page\'s files are posted at the same time. On line\'s videos by streaming are a great progress permitted by the ADSL.

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