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An airport is a complex of buildings and runways used for the landing and take-off of aircrafts. Several facilities for passengers are also comprised within the structure. Usually, airports are located just on the outskirts of quite important cities with a high potential of aircraft usage. Basically, an airport is divided into 6 locations: the runway, the taxiway, the “ramp”, the air traffic control tower, the customs and immigration and the passenger facilities.

The runway is a long strip of land for the take-off and landing of aircrafts. To take off, a plane needs to gather speed. The pilots drive the engine on a good distance, that is on a portion of the runway length, before taking-off. Runways have markings and lightings for aircraft pilots to see from above where they will need to maneuver their plane. The taxiway is a path for aircrafts to circulate from one runway to another or to go to a terminal. The ramp or apron, is a sort of tube connecting the aircraft door to a terminal for passengers to board. The air traffic control tower is a location were ground controllers supervise the traffic of aircrafts in specific air areas.


The customs is an area in the main building of the airport where officers control that their country's rules on imported or exported duties are not infringed by passengers. The may search in luggages or “frisk” dubious passengers. The “immigration” is a place where passengers are asked to present an up to date passport. Some countries restrict their access to some other populations.

Facilities for passengers are of a wide range: toilets, restaurants, fast foods, shops, hotels. Passengers are asked to check in 2 or 3 hours before boarding, not to mention that some people commute... Airports are one of the most monitored place in a country. Considering the number of people waiting for a plane in an airport, if a bomb was to explode, the human loss would be awful. In order to avoid aircraft hijackings or hostage takings security is reinforced in these locations.

The busiest airport in the world is Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson: it handled 76,7 million passengers in 2002... The longest runway in the world is located in the military base of the area 51, a place were secrets are kept confined!

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