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A barman (bartender) or “barmaid”, is someone who serves beverage in a pub, a nightclub or a restaurant. During his work hours, the barman stands behind his bar, where the alcoholic and soft drinks are kept. A bareman's job is not only centered on the sole activity of serving drinks. He must also manage his stocks, maintain a supply of drinks (which demands regular estimating of needs in advance), collect the money from clients and waiters, clean the glasses and the bar's equipments...

Barmen reflect the atmosphere and the public image of an establishment. As opposed to the chefs, who stay in their kitchen , the waiters and waitresses, who go back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room, and the managers who are too busy to focus on their best clients, the barmen can be seen by every client. they must consequently put on plain, elegant clothes, like a black or white tuxedo with a tie, and keep a behavior beyond reproach. In pubs, taverns or nightclubs, barmen must try to keep a steady clientèle. They know how to make cocktails (and may offer a “mix” of their own confection), may advise their clients about the drinks they'll be likely to love...


In some nightlife establishments, barmen really turn the spotlights on them to entertain an audience. Barmen who practice “flair bartending” offer the bar's clients a real live-show. They manipulate, flip or juggle with the liquor bottles and the shakers in action sequences requiring the same skills of a juggler. They mix incredible drinks to make up great cocktails, and may even use flammable liquors to dazzle the public. Many night pubs appeal to them for their opening nights, and contests are organized in the same pattern of any other sports

Two successful movies were centered on flair bartending: Cocktail, with Tom Cruise, and Coyote Ugly, a film on barmaids setting the “Coyote Ugly” bar on fire with their dancing and drink mixing performance.

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