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Brick-breaking games are puzzles where players usually have to destroy bricks by tossing a ball with a bar, the size of which varies during the game. The speed of the ball may also vary during the game, or depending on the level of difficulty chosen. The first brick-breaking game was released in the second half of the 20th century, when video games were still graphically quite simple.

The famous game Tetris is a kind of brick breaking game when the aim is to form lines of bricks to make them disappear.

In a brick-breaking game, the player throws a ball which must bounce on your more or less big palette. When bouncing on this bar, the ball must hit the bricks, which will be destroyed. All bricks must be destroyed to complete a level.

The first brick-breaking games dates back from the 70's, and there are versions more or less advanced and difficult, depending on the speed of the ball, how it bounces and the potential presence of bonus elements. The most famous is probably Break Out, derived from Pong and designed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (founding members of Apple Inc.) offers plenty of brick breaking games below:

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