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A cake is a pastry, generally sweet, that we traditionally eat at the end of a meal as a dessert. Cakes may be of different kinds. Generally, big cakes are made on special days, like someone's birthday, wedding or else. Specific cakes are made or bought, and may be very impressive. For instance, in France, pastry-chefs make a traditional fancy layered cake for weddings. It is a set piece made from small, round, custard filled pastries which are held together by caramelized sugar to form a pyramid.

As for daily moments, cakes might be eaten as well for snack or tea time. In general, children like cakes (as well as candies and all sweet things) so industrials try to be very attractive to appeal their senses. Cakes are often made out of chocolate or fruits and may be either dry or moist.

Each culture has its own specialties, of course. Fruits are likely to be used in Western countries, whereas honey and almonds are basically used in every Middle-East pastry. Rice and plants are often used in Asian cakes. But if you like sweet things, you'll probably find every single country's cake delicious.


In the US, some cakes are also very traditional, like the cheese cake, the cup cakes or the carrot cake, which are not common in Europe. Pumpkin pies are also very yummy and spicy!

So, if you've never baked any cake yet, it's time to begin! But first, why don't you train a little with our cake games, it might help you avoid basic mistakes... and please, don't mix up sugar and salt, it's dreadful!

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