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There is bad drivers, but it is very frequent a car accident where one car make a bad operation, does not see another car, or that the car has a failure. In automobile race, speed amplify the shock, it's more impressive, but the current safety of the cockpits in tiny room strangle the consequences.

When the driver is tired or had drunk a little too much, it can be victim of a car accident, this is why the police controls are systematics, carried out to avoid that problem. In many situations roads are too small , it is very difficult to drive on them, entailing numerous accidents.
Very diverting to look on video or realize in games, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the world, with several million people losing their life.

In driver's life, many minor car accidents can take place, in addition to those which are avoided, often escaped just by one centimeter!

Car accident

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