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The first cars appeared around the end of the 19th century, to replace horse carts. The first one was created in 1769 to carry cannons, but its speed did not exceed 4 km/h (around 2.5 miles/hour). Since then, these motor-driven vehicles have very much evolved, and car racing competitions have been created, such as Formula One, rallies, and the Paris-Dakar.
There are different types of car racing competitions: there are road racing and circuit racing. Some roads may be transformed into circuits, such as the Formula One Grand-Prix of Monaco. Since the 21st century, there are various associations criticizing car related pollution. But some public transport means enable to somewhat curb it.
Car games appeared during the 80s on computers and their success became tremendous with games such as Vroom, a car game still famous today. A car game may be of different types: racing, destroying, Formula One, speed, etc. The most famous games on computers and games console are rally and go-kart games, F1 games such F1 Racing Simulation and Colin McRae Rally. Some enable to manage a racing team, such as F1 Manager which pleased all F fans in 2000. Every year, no matter the type of the car games, developers sell millions of those games.
Some video games can even be played with a sort of steering wheel instead of just a controller. This makes the game even more realistic. There are many car games on, just pick one and hit the road!


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