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Cooking is the art of mixing ingredients as to make them digest, but also to coordinate their flavors to create a perfect accord. Who would have guessed that sour and sweet matched perfectly for instance?

Today, cooking is not everywhere as important. American fast food for instance is typical of non-cooking type of cuisine. Everything being based on frozen products, cooked as fast as possible and served the same. But it is also a sociological factor. Indeed, cooking for hours when you only have a half-hour to eat your lunch doesn't seem to be an option , unless you spend your full evening the day before to cook something, and heat it up on D-day.

Techniques, as well as the base ingredients that are used, vary a lot from country to country. Obviously, we don't find a lot of manioc in France, whereas it is the Brazilian culture's staple diet. Cooking is, above all, the use of local products, even if cuisine has mixed little by little with flavors coming from elsewhere.


We like or we don't like to cook, but for those who feel a certain delight in cooking, the creation of recipes and innovation haven't got any limit! Recipes are going through generations, becoming sometimes a real familial secret. Cooking is an integral part of a culture. Italian, Mexican, Japanese cuisines are -among others- very appreciated all over the world. Some culinary traditions are highly marketable and please everywhere. Whereas some others are not and have never enjoyed international success. But who knows? Maybe one day we will all be delighted to eat puddings!

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