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The curse is some sort of will, so that misfortune or adversity will affect someone else. This can take the shape of a pray, an imprecation, a whammy, etc.

Already used during the Antiquity, these curses were very much spread: they had however a somewhat more official and formal character. Drafted on writing tablets, they were placed in strategic places, and invoked spirits or devils. Thus, these famous tablets were disseminated in places such as cemeteries or close to sacred sites.

In addition to Greeks and Romans, Celts also have a long tradition of cursing, the aims of which were very specific and quite different from one another. Some of them were fertility curses, others bad luck curses...

To most of us, curses and spells are/were cast by witches. In fact, many of us do curse a lot, and even without noticing it.


Even sport teams are not spared! Did you know why the Chicago Cubs Major League Baseball team never won the World Series since 1945? Because of the “Billiy Goat Curse” of course!
Billy Goat Tavern's owner, Billy Sianis, went to the World Series game in 1945, with his pet, a billy goat, to as to support the team. Unfortunately, other fans complained about the goat's smell and asked for Billy and Murphy (his billy goat) to be evacuated. Then, mad about that, it seems that Billy shouted: “You Cubs are not gonna win anymore!”.
And you know what? They never won the World Series since then...

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