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"Daredevil" is the hero of a comic strip, created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett in 1964. The character of Daredevil became famous in 1974 thanks to Franck Miller.
The comics tells the story of a lawyer that looks like any other men at first sight. But the fact is Daredevil is blind.
Matt Murdock - his real name- lost his sight when he was a child. One day, as he was trying to save an old man's life, he received some radioactive substance in his face.
Nevertheless, his blindness has enabled him to develop his other senses. When his father died, Matt decided to impose justice in the city as the masked Daredevil.
As any other superheroes daredevil makes allies and enemies. His most dangerous enemies are Kingpin alias Wilson Fisk, and Bullseye the masked maraudeur. Foggy is Daredevil's best ally and best friend.
From time to time, Murdock deals with Spiderman and helps him.


Elektra is mentioned as both friend and enemy of Daredevil.

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