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Destiny is the idea that we are all determined to live events in an given order, from which we cannot escape. That is to say that some kind of fate leads the course of our existence.

In Greek mythology for instance, everybody was bound to a destiny. From time to time, the Oracles could tell some about their destiny, but mostly through metaphors, which they had to interpret. Fate was the subject of most of the Greek tragedies, or how to escape your own destiny?

For some, destiny relies on divine nature. One or several Gods are potentially responsible for people's destinies and govern the course of your life. For others, the universe is governed by a natural order that controls the future. The theory saying that fate is proper to the universe has however been contradicted by some philosophers.

Destiny, more generally speaking, make us wonder: are we there by chance? Because sometimes we wonder if some things didn't have to happen anyway, some people prefer to believe in a destiny as to rationalize and maybe reassure themselves when an unpleasant event occurs unexpectedly.


However, we also talk of destiny to evoke great artists' lives, often when their life had been an unhappy one or exceptionally successful and brilliant.

Some TV shows like Lost for instance, which features the survivors of a plane crash that have beached on an island endowed with strange powers, questions this idea of destiny. The characters are trying to understand why they have been chosen to take part in this adventure. Their life are recounted thanks to flashbacks that progressively make us think that they aren't there by chance but because their destiny endowed them to meet and live this semi-tragedy together.

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