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“Diamonds are a girl's best friend!”
Well, Marilyn was right! Girls love jewels, in particular shiny ones, and, well, if that can make our next door neighbor jealous, that's just a bonus!

The diamond is a precious stone, probably the most famous one, and the most prized as well. It is also, obviously, very, very expensive. Its price varies according to its weight, calculated on the basis of carats (that is, one carat is the equivalent of 0.20 grams), and its purity. One of the reasons explaining women are so in love with them is its color. Indeed, just like a water dribble, it catches sun beams and “stores” the light to scatter the light inside the diamond, just like a rainbow. How magnificent! :)

Some diamonds, if not considered pure enough, are used for industrial purposes. Let's take the example of medical surgery. Some scalpels are made of diamond: they enable the doctor to make a very neat and precise cut, so that there are no chances of infections.

One of the biggest diamonds that was ever discovered was the Cullinan (it got its name from the man who owned the mine). When it has been discovered, in 1905, it weighted more than 3 000 carats (a bit more than 600 grams!) and was offered as a gift to king Edward VII of England. The diamond was divided into 9 pieces. The biggest one was put on the imperial British scepter.


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