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Dinosaurs were the dominant animals that reigned on earth for over 160 million years. They appeared some 230 million years ago. At this period in history the earth was just a unique and gigantic continent surrounded with water, so dinosaurs were probably able to go and run all over the earth.

Their extinction was caused by a major natural catastrophe that took place some 65 million years ago. Some theories dispute the real nature of the catastrophe that put an end to the dinosaurs' reign. The mainstream theory tells that a huge meteorite hit the surface of the earth, which was consequently deviated from its axes. A mass of dust covered the atmosphere. Dinosaurs couldn't survive the next step of evolution: the ice age.

Dinosaurs lived on earth 159 800 000 years longer than modern human beings, that is they lived 800 times longer than men!
Excavations of dinosaur fossils allowed us to realize that these animals evolved over the course of their existence. Their average weight was 850 kg, and the majority of them was taller than 98% of the mammals living nowadays on earth.


The tallest and heaviest dinosaur identified from the bone structures that archaeologists found buried in the ground is the Brachiosaurus. It was 12 meters high and its body stretched on a good length of 22,5 meters. Its weight was probably comprised between 30 and 60 tonnes. Just to give an example, an African bush elephant, the tallest animal recorded on earth, weighs an average of 7,7 tonnes. Excavations allowed us to find the complete skeleton of a Diplodocus, the fossils of which indicate that it was probably the longest dinosaur, with a body length of 27 meters.

The “greatest” carnivore was the now-famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. It lived at the end of the cretaceous era some 70 million years ago. However it didn't run very fast: at a 18 km/h speed. Some traces of fossilized footprints indicate that its strides could stretch up to 3,75 meters. These prints allowed experts to estimate that the T-Rex run a top speed of around 25 km/h.

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