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Dora the explorer is an animated series in which a little girl, craving for knowledge, named Dora travels through the world to live many adventures. She has short black hair and a round-shaped face. Her exploring trips aim at opening her mind and expending her horizons. Her best friend is a little monkey named Boots! Those two are like two peas in a pot. Boots is blue and has yellow hands. He is very clever, well he's clever like a monkey!

The series was first aired in 1999 on a TV network in the United States. Two years later, it was broadcast almost everywhere in the world. It is mainly designed for little girls aged 10 and below.
Through Dora's experience of the world, young kids are given the opportunity to learn a lot.
In all her trips, Dora takes some breaks to face the spectators and to speak to them. She creates an interaction between her and the kids, allowing them to arouse their curiosity at the various elements the earth is made of: nature, animals, family...


She even teaches Spanish, a language that will soon be the most spoken language in the United States before English.
Kids are therefore able to pull ahead of their parents and are given the communication tools to live in a multicultural world.

Many “Dora the Explorer” licensed by-products are marketed. couldn't resist to the craze! So, join Dora and play with her in many sceneries!

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