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Driving is not that easy for a beginner. Many softwares allowing to learn the theory lessons exist in the market, and games in which the player can be taught practical lesson are not well-known, but they exist too.

These games have been created in order to try to get the player used to eluding the numerous traps of the road. As a matter of fact, many drivers don't respect the traffic rules, and driving license games may help the player, and future driver, be careful of all the essential details while driving.
In these games, the player have to act like if he was in a car with a supervisor for real, and pay attention to roadsigns, priorities in crossroads, he will have to practice the different ways of parking the car and so on...

Once the driving license obtained, and despite the practical lessons, every new driver realizes how hard it may be to take some very dangerous axis and roads, such as the Place de L'Etoille in Paris, and driving license games may allow the player to avoid being too anxious for his firsts practical lessons, his driving license exam, or his first rides alone after getting the license.

Driving license

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