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The Earth is a telluric planet. It is the fifth largest planet in the Solar System and the third from the Sun. This distance enables life on Earth.

The Earth formed some 4.57 billon years ago and the first living species appeared within a billion years. The Earth's biosphere is always evolving and has considerably altered the atmosphere since the appearance of the planet. The oxygenic photosynthesis that has been developing for 2.7 billion years has led to the creation of the atmosphere: a combination of oxygen and nitrogen. This evolution has enabled the forming of the ozone layer which stops the radiations from Space, thanks to the Earth's magnetic field. Consequently, life on Earth can proliferate. Without our good old Earth, you wouldn't be on Tom's Games, enjoying your free time.
Though we are made able to live thanks to it, it seems like humans are not willing to make an effort to protect their planet and keep it clean.


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