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A fight is a meeting between several people or several groups of people. Noise, shouts, insults are often associated with fights, this can lead to physical violence and the situation can quickly get worse. The usual image of the fight is the bar fight one, which is often caused by a too high alcohol consumption, it usually starts between two drunk customers and expand in the whole bar. This kind of fight is often represented in Lucky Luke comics for instance.

General brawls are also common in sports, and particularly in contact sports. In ice hockey it is a genuine institution, in rugby, they are getting scarcer and scarcer due to the increasing professionalism in this sport, but always contribute to get the supporters and the audience joyful when they start. Fewer fights are seen in soccer, or at least they are less violent. If fights usually involve opponents, they also may involve players from the same team, it was the case in April 2004 when two Newcastle ( English soccer team) players started fighting before being excluded.


But fights do not involve only bar customers, or bad-tempered sportsmen, and sometimes it happens that white-collar men, who are supposed to have more self-control, are involved in a fight too. It was the case in April 2008 when a communist deputy from the Somme (in France) attacked a socialist regional councillor during the Regional Council.

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