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These acronyms refer to one of the most successful type of video games these past few years. FPS means fist-person shooter, a type of video game where the player plays a character in subjective view (as if he was the character, he sees through his eyes). This kind of game appeared in the middle of the 70's with the increase of the 3D, and has been being improved from this time.

The success of this kind of game comes from the feeling to be the character, the player is no longer sitting in front of his screen, he believes he is in the game. The vision mouse contributes to this effect, indeed the mouse moves reproduces the moves of the eyes on the screen. The view mode is definitely an asset, but the content of the game is essential as well in so far as the gameplay of FPS games is supposed to rely on a lot of action. Some titles have contributed to the current hit of FPS, such as Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein...

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These games have been improved in the course of time, by their graphics, their gameplay (vision mouse) and their more or less realistic aspect (the consequences of a bullet in the arm in Rainbow Six or in Unreal tournament can be compared) and allow the creation of other varieties of FPS like tactical shooter for instance.

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