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A goal is a multiple-meaning word, used as well in the business world as in sports in general. A goal, in management for instance, is the main objective that a person or a body of persons plans to achieve. In a company, setting goals is probably the most important thing to do in order to distribute and coordinate the tasks among employees, to implement business strategies in-between a time-bracket of a certain duration and to make sure the work effort points towards the right direction.

Personal goals may also be a tool in a self-esteem strategy. Setting short term goals would help people focusing their efforts. Life coaches started the trend of setting up a staged-plan for cleaning up many aspects of one's life.
When a personal goal is achieved, even though this goal is just a stage on the journey to self-confidence, a person feels great pleasure.


In some sports, a goal is what happens at the exact moment when a point is scored. In soccer, hockey, water polo, handball and Lacrosse the main objective of a team is to kick a highest number of goals than the opposite team. The goal also refers to a structure, a sort of cage opened on the one side facing the field. In soccer for instance two goals are located at each of the field's extremities. Each team is made the “keeper” of its camp, that is of its goal. The team objective is both to intercept the ball and to throw it right in the goal of the opposite it. Kickers are usually best positioned on the field that the other players to catch the ball and to kick a goal.

Many records were established (and frequently broke) in the history of soccer. If we only take into consideration the world cups, the player who kicked the highest number of goal for the final is the Brazilian Ronaldo: he scored 15 points...

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