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Grand Theft Auto, commonly known by the name of GTA, is a video game released in 1997. The beginning is simple: the player takes on the role of a bandit who steals cars, kills civilian people, sells drugs...You can do anything to become the king of the city, as long as you run away from the police. Such great car chases in prospect!

Over eleven years eleven games have already been released. Each time, the game gathers more and more fans throughout the world (surprisingly it is not so famous in Japan).

Developped and released by RockStar, GTA single-handedly manages to sell games consoles. Initially on Playstation, Microsoft has bought the license for GTA on its platform. The game can also be played on Nintendo DS with GTA:Chinatown Wars.

The particularity of such a game lies in its huge freedom (hence the name GTA 4: Liberty City). As the episodes and the technological advance go, the cities in which the action takes place become more and more realistic -i.e. GTA 4 which is a perfect reproduction of NYC.

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GTA 5 is expected for the Fall 2010.

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