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Usually a liquid in its solid phase is called ice. Ice can refer to several things, such as the water ice or an ice cream and so on...
water molecules of ice make an hexagonal network with their crystalline structures under a standard atmospheric pressure.

In order to become solid and turn ice, water needs to reach its fusion point. This fusion point depends on 2 factors. the temperature of the water, and the pressure. The higher the level of the pressure is, the lower the temperature involving the point of fusion is.

But if ice crystals are absent water can stay in its liquid phase in temperatures down to -20C. This process is used for a cooking preparation also called ice. In this case, it is usually flavored milk which is frozen, and served like this.

These ice creams are mostly eaten in summer, and many kind of ice creams exist. Some regions of the world are even specialized in ice creams, and children are crazy about ice creams flavored chocolate or fruits.


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