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Kakashi is one of the characters from the comics Naruto. This character is the chief of the Team 7 including Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura. Kakashi is a very famous character, and a lot of comics fan see in this character, a powerful and wise master who deserves his status of hero. This character is considered as one of the strongest of the comics and his ability to mimic the movements and jutsu of the others has been responsible for his nick name which is Copy Ninja Kakashi
This character is so appreciated, that the creator of the comics, Kishimoto Masashi dedicated a whole chapter of the comics only to the character, called Kakashi Gaiden. This chapter is a flash back dealing with his childhood and tells how he got the power of sharingan which was supposed to be hereditary.


Thanks to our website you will be able to play this character in various kind of games. If you want to see Kakshi fighting, you may do so. If you want him to reflect, you may do so. If you want him to take off his mask, unfortunately you won't be able to do so.
Fortunately, Kishimoto gives us chapters of the comics every weeks ! Thanks to him and to our website, you will be able to entertain with with your favourite hero.

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