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In the Middle-Ages, knights were proud warriors riding horses. A majority of them was wealthy and had a certain prestige. Indeed, to acquire their equipment and their horses they had to be quite rich.
Therefore, it is easy to distinguish the knights from the peasant, the artilleryman or the infantry soldier. Chivalry values of the knights became much respected.

The knights were defending a Kingdom, and used to fight very often. Therefore, they had to constantly change their swords, and, to earn some money, they organized tournaments.
To become a knight, a boy was usually sent to a “godfather”, a knight himself. There he spent 10 years of his life, learning how to take care of horses, how to behave.
At the age of 17, the boy was dubbed: from squire, he became knight.

Indeed, at that time, people used to talk about knights as brave, generous, and faithful, as well as the notion of courtly love. Knights therefore followed the code of the chivalry, making them representative of bravery, humility, faith, honor and of course courtesy.

You can find many games involving knights on If you intend to defend the weak and the oppressed, don't hesitate and play! If you want to fight on the back of your horse with your armor, you know what to do and which game to play! You are the night and the defenseless princess is waiting for you to rescue her. You may also become the best horse rider of all times and people (your people) will remember you as THE knight who came to save them.


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