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A match is a synonymous of game, and refers to sports. During a game, two athletes or teams compete by following the rules of the sport they are practicing. The word game is mostly used for team sports like soccer game, American football, or rugby. In individual sports, we use more the term competition or fight, depending on the sport we are referring to. Yet, “game” is used for tennis, which is a individual sport.

A soccer game usually lasts 90 minutes and is divided in two periods of 45 minutes. In rugby, the meet is a little less long: 80 minutes only. However, American sports are usually longer than other sports. This is due to the numerous breaks they do since games are often divided in three to four periods, as well as the existence of times out during games. Hence the three-hour long games in football or basket games.

Besides, tennis games or volley ball games have no limit in time: the score determines the end of the game. For both these sports, the player(s) must win two or three sets to win the victory... and it may takes for ever! The proof with the longest tennis game: it was competed in Rolland Garros in 2004 by two French and lasted 6 hours and 35 minutes. This game had to be played in two days and the last set lasted almost 3 hours.


In Lexington, KY, 19 people played the longest volley ball game for the homeless of the city. The game lasted 55 hours and was declared valid by the Guinness World Record's representatives.

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