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A movie is a work that belongs to the 7th art -that is to say the cinema- and is basically a following of motion pictures (24 per second) that gives the impression of a continuous movement for the human eye. Thanks to that special effect, movies really give the illusion of reality. Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat (1895) by Auguste and Louis Lumière scared the audience at the time for the people had the impression that the train was tearing along them.

Films can be a recording of a scene that is directed (fictions), a recording of reality (documentaries) or the creation of computer-generated images (animations, cartoons). Special effects may be used to add a fantastic side to a scene (science fictions).

Movies are a very popular entertainment. People go watch them at the movie theater or at home on DVDs. The power of the images made some of the movies worldly famous thanks to the dubbing or the subtitling.

Movies can be rewarded at special occasions like the Academy Awards or at the Cannes Film Festival. During these ceremonies, some movies are awarded. Different categories have been chosen to award all the artistic aspects that may be in a movie, like the screenplay, the direction, the original sound track, the photography, but also to reward the best actors and actresses in the movies!


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