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Nascar racing is the most popular car racing in the United States. Nascar is an acronym which stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, the organization that produces all racing Stock car in North America.

The Nascar became famous for the shape of the racing tracks: fast and oval and its curved corners where aspiration is the key to victory. The number of cars on the track can reach 40 and often give rise to spectacular pile-ups at over 140 mph. This the highlight of the show for the American public who is very fond of this kind of misadventure.

The cars are specially design for those kind of extreme-performance-race, their steel frame is perfectly fitted for all they have to endure during the races and are covered with a bodywork similar to the ones of production model (stock-cars). The pilots take part in endurance races of 500 miles which can last more than four hours without any interruption.


Originally Nascar-like cars were used by alcohol smugglers in the United States at the time of the prohibition in the 1930s. In order to shake off the police, they use to modify their cars to make them more powerful. Soon smugglers started racing against each other: stock-car racing was born.

The NASCAR was founded in 1947 by William "Bill" Henry Getty France, Sr. It is the largest stock car racing body in the United States and it is also second most viewed professional sport within the U.S just behind NFL (National Football League).

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