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The nationality, which is sometimes very close to citizenship means that a natural person belongs to a country (or nation). This person can therefore benefit from the rights and implies respect of the duties as well (military service in some countries, etc.). The word comes from the French “Nationalité”. This word has been transcribed in other languages and modified. In Germany we talk about “ Nationalität”, in Romania about “ Naţionalitate”, and in Italy about “Nazionalità”.

If someone is deprived of nationality, for various reasons, then, it is said that the person is stateless. Among the famous stateless persons, there is Ben Laden, to whom Saudi Arabia withdrew his nationality, and also Mehran Nasseri, who spent 18 years of his life in the Charles de Gaulle Airport! His life inspired Steven Spielberg for the story of his movie “The Terminal”. Mehran was played by Tom Hanks.

Opposite to statelessness, some people may have two nationalities. This is called “dual nationality”.

There are different ways of becoming national of a state. Either to be born in the country from parents who already have the nationality (jus sanguinis), or to come of age in the country after having spent some time there (jus soli), or even by asking to acquire it through a naturalization process (this is what most political refugees did).

In reality, to make it clear, the distinction between a citizen and a national relies in the fact that the citizen has the right to vote and to get elected in its country. Nationals include both citizens and non-citizens. Citizens are therefore a specific part of nationals. A citizen will always get the nationality, but a national, won't get necessarily the citizenship.


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