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Nicknames are often given to children by their family or group of friends, and can stick to the carrier of the nickname a few weeks or sometimes during his whole life. The nickname can be linked to an activity, the way of living of the person, his temper, or it can be made from his name etc...
On the Internet, most of the people use nicknames to communicate in so far as their first name can be shared by a lot of people, and may have already been chosen.

Within a community, members usually know each others only through their nicknames. It enables to keep the anonymity of everyone. That may be right so as to preserve children\'s safety, but may still lead to some abuses.

Sometimes, childhood nicknames are kept the whole life. As a matter of fact, nicknames are most of the time affective (even though they can sometimes be highly disparaging), and the carrier of the nickname may use it when logging in into forums for example, then he gets used to it and the nickname hangs on to him for the rest of his life.


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