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Oggy is the main character of the Franco-Quebecois cartoon Oggy and the cockroaches broadcast from September, 6th, 1999 to April, 5, 2003 on the channel number 3 in France in the TV show Les Minikeums and then on Canal J and Gulli. 156 episodes of 8 minutes each were created.
This cartoon depicts the story of Oggy, a blue cat living in a huge house, fond of cooking and watching TV. This sympathetic cat hosts purposelessly 3 cockroaches called Joey, Dee Dee and Marky who never let him alone. Joey is the chief of the group, he elaborates the plans. Marky does nothing else than following the group, and Dee Dee is always willing to eat. The struggle between Oggy and this band of cockroaches similar to the Dalton provokes comic situations and gags reminding American\'s ones.


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