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Princess Peach is one of the main characters of the Mario series. She is the distressed princess (of Mushroom Kingdom) who must be saved. The goal of Mario and his brother Luigi is to protect and save her from the evil Browser whose sole purpose is to kidnap her. The princess, who seldom leaves her castle is the perfect target for villains who take a perverse pleasure out of her suffering. The fact that the princess is blond can perhaps explain why she has the knack for getting into trouble and get kidnapped most of the time. She has a relationship with Mario, though it is not real made clear. She was known as Princess Toadstool in the West until the late 1996, to be later called Peach and finally Princess Peach.

The various games you can find on is no exception to the rule, Princess Peach is in danger, luckily Mario (ie you) is there to help. Will you manage to save her from the evil Browser ? The game principle is very basic but you cannot deny that being thanked by a beautiful princess is still the best reward.


Will you live up to her expectations?

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