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Piercing (body piercing) is a form of body modification which pierces a part of the human body in order to insert a jewelry.
As it the case with tattoos, piercings (along with body modifications as a whole) can be done for several reasons among which fashion, religion, spirituality.

When it comes to body piercing, two periods can be considered : the ancient origins and the modern practices.
Piercing is a rather ancient practice which can be traced back to Neolithic, particularly in Africa where labrets were inserted in inferior lips. India was also a place where piercing (nose) was quite common among upper classes and then by women since the 16th century. In Ancient Egypt, powerful upper class men wore golden earrings, while nose piercings were reserved for Pharaohs and the Royal family. This is even mentioned in the Bible .


Tongue piercings were common among elite members of Aztec and Maya civilization, though it was performed as as temporary ritual allegedly allowing to communicate with Divine powers. Such decorations are still worn, along with ear, nose and labret piercing by locals nowadays.

A piercings revival happened in the 1960's in the United States and later with the hippie and gay community and among punks. Step by step it gain popularity, so much so that 1975 saw the opening of the first piercing parlor in Los Angeles.

Nowadays, piercings became fashionable and are worn by every social class as a decoration or/and a way the express ones uniqueness.

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