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A planet may be defined as follows: it is a celestial body, which orbits the sun and whose volume is stronger from a gravitational point of view than the opposing forces. This keeps the planet in a hydrostatic equilibrium. A planet must eliminate all bodies orbiting nearby.

In our solar system, and, if we keep in mind all the requirement necessary to justify the classification of stars into planets, there are eight planets: the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury, and Venus. Well, yes, you might think about Pluto, but it lost its planetary status some time ago, in 2006. It is now considered as a dwarf planet.

All starts orbiting another star than the Sun is defined as an exoplanet, or extrasolar planet.
The biggest one ever discovered is the TrES-4. The planet is twenty times bigger than the Earth, and its temperature is 2 300 degrees Fahrenheit (around 1 200 degrees Celsius).

The word “planet” comes from the Latin “planeta”, which characterizes a moving star, in contrast with stars apparently still on the welkin. On our website, you may find several games in which planets are at the center of the plot! You want to go and discover space, and the different planets and stars? Well, now you sure can! Don't hesitate and try one of our games to discover our universe. Stars are waiting for you !


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