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A queen has got her title for she is the descendant of a royalist descent. If she inherited her title from the last monarch, then she is a female monarch who reigns over a country. In that case, the queen is called “Queen regnant”. But the word “queen” may also be used when talking of the king's wife, in that case she has not got any power and is named “Queen consort”.

Nowadays, since more countries have become democracies, even the regnant queens have lost theirs political powers and currently represent an image of sovereignty, more that the leader of a country. In the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II is the present queen. We talk of her in the third person and call her “the Queen”. Queen Victoria who reigned over the United Kingdom for 63 years is the one who reigned the greatest length of time! However, Queen Elizabeth II may break this record since she's reigning for 56 years now!

The queen is often featured in animated films, like in Snow White where she is as beautiful as mean and wish to be the most beautiful woman of the kingdom. Her stepdaughter becoming prettier than her, she will eventually poison her by using black magic.


A queen is also a chess piece and and the third best card in a deck of playing cards.

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