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Rambo is the name of a fictional character created by Davi Morrell and embodied by Sylvester Stallone in movies. It is at the center of a novel, First Blood, and four films.

John James Rambo was born on 6 July 1947 in Bowie, Arizona of a Navajo Indian father and a mother of German origin. Rambo took part in the Vietnam war, he was part of an elite commando trained during the conflict and led by Colonel Samuel Trautman. Of all commando members, he is the only one to safely return to the United States, after having been captured and tortured by the enemy.

Upon his return, Rambo faces the hostility of his compatriots. In the first of four films, he is arrested after entering into conflict with local authorities of a small mountainous town. Then a very violent fight breaks out between the former green beret and the local authorities and Rambo almost destroy the town and is finally arrested and jailed.

In the second movie, Rambo is released from prison and sent to Vietnam for a reconnaissance mission. Abandoned in hostile territory, Rambo then prepares his revenge. In the third film Rambo is now a refugee in Thailand, he is asked to go on a mission to Afghanistan to fight against the USSR, he refuses but finally goes because of Trautman's abduction by the Soviets.

The fourth and final opus of the Rambo series was released in 2008. It was written and directed by Sylvester Stallone himself. It reveals that Rambo has returned to Thailand to leave a quiet life. He escorts a group of humanitarian workers in the jungle but they are captured and then helps the soldiers whose mission is to rescue them. This film is considered as showing the largest numbers of deaths in the history of cinema.


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