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In spite of the amazing improvements brought to video games these past 10 years, some gamers swear by retro games, and enjoy playing to the first version of Doom as much as Halo.

As mentioned by the name itself, retro games are retrograde games, that are nowadays completely old fashioned in a matter of graphics, gameplay etc... Duke Nukem, Sim City 2000, Theme Hospital, Alex Kidd, Golden Axe, Pacman, Bomberman or Super Mario are examples of retro games.

These retro games are of course widely outdated, but many of them have kept their cult aspect according to a lot of nostalgic gamers. Playing to retro games allow them to go back into their childhood, and feel the sensations provided by the old generation video game consoles again. Who has never plugged in his old Super Nintendo to play to Super Mario World or Street Fighters II again, with a tear at the corner of the eye?

Some people almost have become true antiquarians and own huge collections of former video game consoles, and have hundreds of video games that they refuse to throw in the garbage. Besides, some collectors are disposed to buy some rare games they don\'t have at a very expensive price.


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