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Rugby is a ball sport using an oval ball and which is played with the hands or feet. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible by making drops (3 points) or tries (5 points). This contact and very physical sport requires the players to go forward by sending the ball behind them. Indeed if the ball is sent out to the front it generates a penalty and therefore the only way to move forward is to make sequences of passes or running, or to make sure to send the ball as far as possible in the opposing side.

Rugby is a sport in which many “frozen” playing time sequences follow one another. Indeed, when the situation is blocked, the only way for players is to send the ball beyond the sideline as far as possible and thus take advantage of this moment of weakness of the opponent to retrieve the ball and run into the opposing goal.


In recent years, the first rugby video games started to be available on stores. Indeed, several games were released such as the rugby management game : Pro Rugby Manager published by Cyanide.

Before that game rugby seemed to have been abandoned by many publishers. While the 2008 Rugby World Cup, which took place in France was a popular success, especially thanks to SĂ©bastien Chabal, it is quite rare to find rugby games in the stores.

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