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Sasuke is one of the protagonists of the manga Naruto. He is a discreet and quiet ninja belonging to the Team7 composed by himself, Uzumaki Naruto and Sakura Haruno. These three up-and-coming ninjas are under the orders of Hatake Kakashi. Along the story the readers are told that Sasuke is a relative to the Uchiwa, an important ninja family. This family has a gift, a technique to be acquired along the years, and which makes its descendants respected, and ninjas feared by the whole village of Konoha. Sasuke's only goal is to kill his brother who slaughtered all his family just to evaluate his potential. To manage to catch him, Sasuke is ready for anything, even abandoning his village and his friends like Naruto and Sakura.

His relationship with the main character of the comics is very complex, and is one of the main features of the story. The positive rivalry that made them become friends eventually turned them into enemies. As a matter of fact, Sasuke,who is very selfish, considered he couldn't get better with the Team7. This very charismatic character, embodies the person ready for anything so as to achieve his goals, and never stops until his target is reached. His style and his psychology make him one of the most famous characters of the manga.


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