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A scooter is a sort of tiny motorbike. This means of conveyance is very popular, especially in Europeans countries (Italy in the lead), which are characterized by a footrest included in the vehicle, small wheels, and a streamline shape, both to protect the legs and to lower wind resistance?

The first scooter ever invented was called “auto-fauteuil”, and created by the enterprise with the same name in 1902. In English, auto-fauteuil means “auto-armchair” and indeed, it looked like an armchair. The seat of the driver was comfortable, yet not well adapted. It was placed above the motor and the rear wheel, quite far from the handlebars.

Predominantly used by the army, the scooter became popular in Italy via the very famous Vespa and Lambretta. Both invented in the middle of the 1940's, they contributed in conveying the Italian cliché of the typical guy on his scooter very much!

At the beginning just a means of transportation, the scooter became a way for people to become part of a group or a social class. This vehicle was the symbol of carefree and rebellious European youth predominantly in the United-Kingdom during the 60's ans 70's industrial crisis.

Today scooters have changed and a wide range of various types of scooters exist: some of them have no more 2 wheels but 3, others are fitted with a roof, and full of gadgets. Helmets also become trendier with pigtails and devil ears to stick on them...


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