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Tall buildings started being called skyscrapers in the late 19th century in the US. Some people think that the minimum height for a building to be considered as a skyscraper is 100 meters (around 330 feet), but structural height and antennas must be taken into consideration as well. Emporis, the company in charge of skyscrapers' ranking, considers the highest point must be an architectural element or the roof of the building. It excludes antennas on the roofs. Anyway, skyscrapers were born in the US and one of the first, if not the first, is the New York Tribune Building, built in 1873, and which was 73 meter high.

The term skyscraper is only applied to buildings built on several floors. The Eiffel Tower is therefore not a skyscraper.

Mr. Otis' invention of the elevator surely contributed to the building of these tall buildings, especially in the east of the US, especially in New-York and Chicago, which fiercely competed against each other. In 1973, New York was proud to announce the “birth” of the World Trade Center, which towers were 417 meter high. A year later, Chicago unveiled its Sears Tower, which is 442 meter high.

But that was without taking into account the excessiveness of some Asian countries, and more recently of Arab Emirates. In January 2009, after 4 years of works and a well-kept secret about its final height, the Burj Dubai was finally finished (as to its external construction). It is 818 meter high, almost 1 km! It is the highest human construction ever built, antennas, radio masts, and skyscrapers included.


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