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Sonic is a little hedgehog like no other...
Very famous due to the « Sonic the Hedgehog » saga created by Yji Naka and Naoto Oshima in 1990, this blue hedgehog, whose speed is supersonic, became the official SEGA mascot. The first video game in which he appeared was released in 1991.

Sonic has a very particular personality: he is unforseeable, fast, free, he likes the concept of independence, and although one might consider he is somewhat arrogant, he is still likeable nonetheless.

According to the official version, which does not reveal much about Sonic's real origins, there has been a time when our little blue hedghog was brown. One day, he met Ivo Kintobor, a scientist whose most secret desire was to transform the Earth into a paradise and needed a special emerald. Sonic offered to go and search for it.

At that very moment, he realized he could run really fast. The scientist even helped him break the sound barrier, which transformed him into a blue hedgehog.
As for his emerald quest, unfortunately Sonic was unable to find the last one necessary to make scientist Kintobor's machine work. Yet, the latter, eager to use his machine, decided to try it.

A short circuit and an explosion transformed the adorable Kintobor into a maleficient character named Robotnik: he then became our little Sonic's sworn enemy.

This emblematic character of the video game is, for more than 20 years, one of the most famous and most-loved heroesyou can find on our website, with several games, all of which are very interesting.


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