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“The Terminator” is the name of a fictional character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a series of movies made by James Cameron. The first time the world's most famous cyborg appeared on the screen was in 1984 in the movie of the same name. But it also appeared in 1991 in Terminator 2: Judgment day and in 2008 in Terminator 3: Rise of the machines.

In the first sequel, a part of the action takes place in the near future. In 2029, Los Angeles is a land of desolation. Skynet, an AI network, managed to gain enough intelligence to launch a nuclear war against the human beings. Machines took over the world's power. But, in need of a slave labor force, they also spared the life of a few men who will lead a resistance movement against the robots. Growing stronger, the movement will eventually manage to put an end to the machines domination.


Back in the past, in 1984, the spectators get familiar with two characters from the near future: the Terminator and John Connor. The Terminator is a cyborg, an assassin and a soldier created by Skynet in 2029 and John Connor is the leader of the resistance movement. Both traveled through time, the Terminator because he's programmed to kill John Connor's mother, who's not pregnant yet, and J. Connor to ward off the cyborg' s plan. The Terminator is a very difficult machine to destroy. It survives explosions, and shotgun blasts, collisions with trucks and many other dangers.

In the end of the first movie, Sarah Connor, John's mother, manages to kill the Terminator. She's also pregnant, and the father of her baby John is: the grown-up John Connor, her son !!! in the second sequel, the Terminator is no longer a villain. He goes back to 1991 to kill a new model of Terminator created by Skynet. The third movie also features a good Terminator played by Schwarzy...

The Terminator, the first model featured in the 1984's movie, was 22nd in the official list of the 100 greatest movie villains and heroes “AFI's 100 Years...100 Heroes and Villains”.

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