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Uncle Scrooge is the most cunning business man of Duckburg City, and he is able to smell a good deal from miles away.
He\'s the character of several comic and cartoon series produced by the Disney group company and was born from the imagination of Carl Barks, the most prolific illustrator of Disney.

Uncle Scrooge is known as “the richest Duck in the world”! And indeed, he lives in a giant strong-box built on top of a hill culminating the whole city of Duckburg.
From there, he can watch out the Beagle Boys, a band of delinquent brothers who always hatch up a bad scheme to break through the Scrooge\'s place.
He is the most stingy living person on earth, and would not even replace a button if it cost him a dime...

His fortune is estimated at one multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents. But if one coin is missing, he will faint immediately, forcing his nephew to reanimate him with a special gas smelling of money...

Uncle scrooge

As every stingy duck, Uncle Scrooge exploits his poor nephew Donald Duck, forcing him to do all sorts of jobs like polishing his coins or piloting a jet whenever they are about to launch into a weird and juicy story.

He\'s quite old compared to the other inhabitants. His age remains uncertain, but was is sure is that he knew a large share of History: being Scottish of origin, he arrived in the United States during the Gold Rush. Back then, he was penniless, and only with hard work did he succeed to climb up the ladder of success: He began his wealth in the Klondike, as a gold digger.

But the real reason of his fortune, he assumes, is the first dime he ever got from polishing shoes.
He always keeps it close to his chest and takes it for a lucky charm.
Actually, Uncle Scrooge\'s character is based on the story of Rockefeller, the famous oil mogul who started as a shoe polisher...

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