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Volleyball is a team sport that was created in 1895 in the US. This sport was inspired from tennis and basket ball games. William G. Morgan (the inventor) wanted it to be less violent than basketball (which had been invented 4 years before).

The game is played on a 59 feet long and 29.5 large court, separated by a net which height depends on the age and gender of the players (2.43 meters for men, and 2.24 m for women).

Two teams of 6 players are facing each other. The goal is to pass the ball over the net in a way that makes it difficult for the opposite team to catch it before it touches the court. Only 3 contacts with the ball are allowed before passing it to the opposite team.

As in any other team sport, strategy is very important. Hence, the players try to invent combinations during their training as to surprise their opponent on the court. Therefore, each player has a specific role that corresponds to his/her abilities, but also with their physical appearance.

Volley ball

Hence, the tallest ones are usually more efficient as hitters to block the ball just above the net while jumping. The hitters (left, right and middle ones) may attack very fast. The setter is the one who is in charge of the second contact and makes a high pass to one hitter who eventually drives the ball to the opponent's court in a powerful attack. The libero is a defensive player who makes quality passes and who is very reactive to attacks and serves.

Volleyball has been adapted to create other variations like beach volley, which is played with only 2 people per team on sand. As well as a variation for the disabled like the one that is played sat on the court or in a wheelchair.

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