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A werewolf is an imaginary monster. In fact, it is a human who, during full moon nights, transforms himself into a wolf, avid for human blood and fresh flesh.

The transformation of a man into a werewolf has been described many times in tales, legends and cartoons. Eyes become yellow and injected of blood, claws grow instead of his nails, hands and feet are transforming into paws, hair is growing onto his skin and his face is changing into a wolf mouth. In short, a quite horrifying experience, especially when you know what animates the creature when it has finally taken its animal appearance : find fresh blood.

Since humans that have been bitten by a werewolf become wolf in their turn, the malediction spreads very quickly. According to legends, we may also become a werewolf if we were born on a full moon night, or if we have been exposed to full moon. A malediction or the fact that you wear a wolf leather may also transform you into a werewolf...


However, the hardest thing is to discover who is a werewolf, since when the day comes, werewolves generally don't remember what happened the last night. The only thing is that they usually feel exhausted and depresses the next day.

Some people, mentally disturbed, think they are werewolves. Others are sure to have met a werewolf (sometimes their wife!) Some psychiatrists studied this phenomenon called lycanthropy on patients who think they are werewolves.

At the time, we even thought we could recognize werewolves on certain criteria: eyebrows that joined into one, important hairiness on hands, feet or back, forefinger and middle finger of the same size (wolf paws being formed as such), or ears situated a little bit lower and inclined towards the back of one's head... Well, with all these characteristics, how many werewolves do you think you have in your family?

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