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A western is a story which plot is often set at the end of the 19°c in the Far West during the Frontier. At this time, the settlers were fighting the Native Americans to spread their idea of a “civilization” everywhere on the continent.

In this fiction genre, the settlers are often represented as the upholders of the law. They are cow-boys, fighting against the Indians who need to be educated, and against the local outlaws. The Natives have long been represented as savages and primitive people that needed to be eradicated as to allow the civilized to settle in peace.

Later, movie directors sided more with the Natives and describe mixed love stories, famous battles where the good ones are not always the settlers. Moreover, nature is celebrated more than civilization, like in Dances with Wolves, by Kevin Costner.

The Far West is the predilection place for westerns. Its arid and wild landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see are very auspicious to the conquest of the West representation as a virgin territory that must be civilized.


Whereas the genre had died in Hollywood after the golden age (late 40's), it becomes famous again in the 60's in Italy with Sergio Leone directing westerns as no one before. Now famous US actors like Clint Eastwood became popular thanks to “spaghetti westerns” like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, or For a Few Dollars More. These movies depicted the American cow-boy as someone who plays with the good and evil boarder. Sergio Leone's characters are never all white or all black but complex characters.

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