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A whip is a leathered instrument, and can have one or several strips according to its use. The noise produced by the whip is due to the fact that, when in use, the end of the whip reaches a speed even faster than the speed of sound and provokes a sound shock wave. The best whips are made of kangaroo leather, which gives them lightness and flexibility.

There are various uses for a whip. Firstly, it may be used as a weapon against animals or men. The Huns used whips as contact weapon. It was also used as a torture instrument, and could be used for punishments. It could be used to entail animals or slaves to increase their rhythm of work.

Nowadays, it is mostly used in entertainment shows in which people make tricks with whips (in Australia and in the USA) or in animals training in circuses for instance. The utility of the whip is to get the animal\'s respect, or to signify a request but it is not used in order to hurt the animal.


The whip may also have a sexual use in sadomasochistic practices, in so far as sadomasochists enjoy the pain.

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