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Professional wrestling is a good example of how a sport can turn into a pure stage performance.
Wrestling consists in taking part into a fight that involves close grappling with one's opponent. The slight difference with any other combat sport is that matches here are prearranged by some promoters. Every stage of a match, from blows to catches, as well as twists in the sequence of events, are known in advance by the staff members and the wrestlers.

Wrestling matchesare not “rigged”, they are simply fake and everyone knows that. Wrestlers don't play their career on these non-competitive matches.
Free from any competitive pressure, wrestlers “mock” combats. Their performance is well appreciated in the United States, where one major company, the “World Wrestling Entertainment”, dominates the performance.


Matches are held inside a ring where two opponents, or two teams of opponents, engage in a fight. Usually each match favors one specific combat style, like hardcore style or southern style (where wrestlers play the part of a villain or a hero). Matches are not governed by any rules, even though a referee stands in the “bear pit”. Wrestlers enter the ring under the audience's cheering or boos. Each wrestler plays a character, shows off his traits and pose to show his musculature during the entrance. Dramatic elements like the darkening of the room or sound and lightening effects may also be part of the scenery.

To “win” several techniques may be adopted: a fall (a score) is accomplished through pinning the opponent's shoulder, knocking out or force to submit one's opponent. It is a “catch as catch can” sport: the motto is almost “No Holds Barred”. You may grab, pull, hold or strike any part of your opponent's body except for the eye, throat and groin, but you're not allowed to bite or spit...
The most famous “stroke” is when a wrestler stands on the lower rope of a ring's side, pulls his back against the ropes and bounces on his practically-knocked-out opponent.

The audience loves attending wrestling matches for their dramatic contents. Wrestlers, like circus performers, play the part of a hero or a anti hero, mock and stress every aspect of the society that speak to everyone: betrayal, seduction, sacrifice, bribery, sexual fetishism...

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